WordPress website security service

Website security has top importance, more than user experience and functionality, as hacked website redirecting to scam page won't even show any of your top user experience designs. Most users rely only on one security plugin that they install sometime in the past and they think that's enough. WordPress itself is secure but sometimes vulnerabilities can appear. If the security is properly set, hackers won't be able to exploit any vulnerabilities.

Our approach to securing a website:

  1. Custom set firewall with fine-tune rules allowing only legit users to access
  2. Prevent bypassing Firewall
  3. Rate-limiting access on firewall or server level
  4. Website mirroring (optional)
Every website is different and has different requirements for security. We have experience with almost all kinds of website and we can secure all of them.
After implementing custom firewall settings we get detected by WordPress plugin virtually 0 attempts to access the websites by hackers.

Secure website is a must, get us to secure your website today

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