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There is only one way to have a quality built website and that is to have from the very beginning website development quality control. Quality and optimization are not natural and self-evident for human beings, it has to be trained, practiced, supervised and enforced. In our experience, every developer will tell you that he or she is very good with quality and optimization. Is it really true? In most cases not. Why not?
  1. Terms are vague, usually not well defined, probably everybody has a different definition of what is it and what outcome looks like.
  2. Quality and optimization usually are not thought in any development courses. Unless the developer worked already on a project that had it implemented and supervised by the senior developer, he/she will fall for Dunning–Kruger effect and will assume natural talent for it.
  3. Developers are humans, and humans are naturally lazy. Even if a developer is trained for those concepts, he/she won't necessarily follow it all the time, will do what's most comfortable and fastest to implement.

For a quality build website we understand:

  1. Excellent user experience. Website is loaded fast even on a slower network and slower device. All buttons, tabs and menus are easy to click or tap, all works with smooth manner. Website is visible for people with not perfect sight.
  2. Website is easy to change, it's done or coded the way that any competent person can do change, not only original developers.
  3. Website is secure, all code has protection against accessing it directly and the input is sanitized

Important parts for quality and optimization development:

  1. Mobile-first design
  2. Clean code, applied to PHP custom code, has to meet criteria for clean code.
  3. Lean Web Architecture
  4. Correct usage of WordPress Codex
  5. Code peer/senior developer review

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