Litespeed UCSS helper

Get all CSS classes necessary to correctly generate UCSS by Litespeed

If you tried to generate UCSS and it have broken the design or some buttons didn't work, it's not all lost. Use this tool to get what Litespeed needs in order to generate correct UCSS.

Disclaimer: Using this tools is on your own risk. We don't accept any responsibility for any damages you can encounter using it.
We don't store or retain any data in any form. Right after analysis been done, whole folder with all uploaded data is removed indefinitely.

Watch my video on how to use this tool properly:

Upload .json file or multiple files in zip format that been generated by Chromium based browser.

Upload .css file or multiple files in zip format generated by Litespeed UCSS.
All classes found will be excluded from the final list. This serves to extract only missing classes in UCSS.

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