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In order to website be fast it must have certain characteristics. The most logical approach is to have speed as a top priority from the very beginning and use only tools and practices that will lead to speed. Unfortunately, 99% of the website development is made the opposite way. The website is made with whatever tools are available or developer can work with and on the end speed optimization trying to get better results. This approach makes no sense, adds extra costs, time delay and inconvenience.
Formula One is from the beginning built to be fast, an ordinary car is trying to get speed by fitting large engine but it never will be as fast as Formula One.
Same applies for a website, one that is from the very beginning build to be fast will always outperform one that relies only on optimization tricks.

How we develop a fast websites

We build fast websites by using the time proven concepts that lead to top performance like:
  • Mobile first approach
  • PHP code is in accordance of Clean code standard
  • Optimized database queries, using caching when possible
  • Easy to adjust or add new parts and features
  • All PHP code and front-end design is reviewed by senior developer
  • From our experience, we use two different scenarios to develop a fast loading website. Each depends on that kind of website it is and what's requirements.

    Scenario #1
    This scenario we're using for a website that requires to be mobile-first and has a larger budget. There is more manual and custom work involved and offers more flexibility.
    • Use Astra free theme that is lightweight and ranks between most used theme for fast loading websites
    • We create a child theme and custom templates to achieve font-end design
    • Custom CSS and JS with each template, loads only used resources
    • All used resources on the front-end and back-end are optimized to be lighweight
    • Defined design from the beginning in CSS, repeated usage of defined design
    • Custom set responsive images with the tune-up "srcset" for the given website
    • Mobile-first CSS and the approach to development
    • Usage custom fonts and SVG images
    • Lazyloaded CSS background images
    Scenario #2
    This scenario we're using for a smaller website with a lower budget.
  • Use of Oxygen builder, the only builder that is made from the beginning to be fast.
  • Template-based CSS
  • Lazy load CSS background images
  • Responsive images on all elements
  • Our development guarantee

    Long term results without need for repeated optimization
    Google Page Speed insight 90+ on desktop and mobile
    Security and privacy

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