WordPress speed optimization service

What we do to speed up the client's website?

Every website is different and may have very unique issues. To get the best results we have to approach each website and client's requirements individually. That's why we never had any uniform, one-click, solve-it-all solution.

WordPress speed optimization is a process of:

Creating order how resources are loaded
Excluding and filtering unnecessary website resources
Timing optimization of loaded resources
Adjusting internal functionality that causing CPU resources draining
Compression, conversion, responsive resizing of images
Hosting assessment and migration to more appropriate hosting when necessary
Fine-tune the website for given hosting
CDN according needs for given website
WordPress speed optimization is always made on the staging website. When we got all fixes ready on the staging website, we migrate those changes to the the production site with minimum interruption or downtime. In most cases, we don't touch the database.

Why you should consider WP Speed Doctor to speed up your website?

Extensive experience with many different kinds of websites
Best practices
PHP clean code standard and mobile-first CSS
Always on the top of the game, studying latest development trends
Passion for website speed and optimization
Amazing customer service
Privacy & Data Protection
100% satisfaction and 30 days money-back guarantee

Your website can be faster, much faster!

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